Members of the Vinton Airport Commission met with the city council along with Joseph Roenfeldt of Clapsaddle-Garber Associates.

Roenfeldt explained a proposal for the airport to purchase a tractor for snow removal.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funds, which would cover 90 percent of the approximate $320,000 cost would leave the city with a $32,000 payment toward the cost. Part of this process requires bids to be taken.

Mayor Bud Maynard brought into question the cost of the project, zeroing in on the cost of the engineering agreement.

The city had just purchased a tractor for the same purpose and the costs did not compare.

Roenfeldt explained that with the federal government involved requirements had to be met and multiple sets of paperwork to be filled out to qualify for the monies provided by the government. He also explained that his job would include submitting the correct paperwork and explaining it to the bidders and helping them to complete the papers correctly.

After the council repeatedly questioned the cost of the engineering agreement of $42,180.00, Roenfeldt explained that he has to buy the specifications from the government for each person that would like to bid on the project and provide them to the bidder free of charge. He figured that the cost just for that part would be around $8,000.

The council inquired as to how many people he thought would bid and Roenfeldt thought perhaps two or three, but that they would have never had to fill out the forms that would be necessary for this purchase.

The chairman of the Vinton Airport Commission said that he understood why they were so concerned about the cost. He then explained that he had built a hangar at the airport some time ago without government funds and the cost was much less than a government project that had been built by the FAA.

Mark Noe, also explained that the equipment that they have is inefficient and they have trouble getting their current tractor started at times.

The requirements that go into purchasing equipment include that the tractor be made from American made steel and the money cannot be used to buy anything that is used, but the purchase must be a completely new tractor. The costs also include the fees paid to Roenfeldt. The airport would like to purchase a tractor with a rear hydraulic blade, hydraulic broom, a snowblower on the front and3-point hitch in the front. They explained that the equipment they now have gets stuck on the runway and that there was a close call when a plane landed while they were stranded there.

The council after consideration agreed to the project and contract with Clapsaddle-Garber Associates.

Members of the Airport Commission were on hand at the meeting and thanked the council for their support for this project.

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