We received word today of some good news and bad news. The bad news is the cancellation of the 13th Annual Veterans Patriotic Christmas Parade tomorrow (11/19) night.
But the good news: Santa Claus had his flights already booked to come to Vinton. In true Yuletide fashion and with the year of 2020 taking another thing from us, Santa still wanted to see the children (and adults) of Vinton tomorrow night. One of his elves spoke with Chief Garwood (probably about which list Chief falls on this year!) and Santa thought chili sounded like something he could be part of!
So tomorrow night, instead of Santa Claus being outside the courthouse, VFD has granted Santa a special landing zone for his sleigh in our parking lot where he can wave at everyone driving through to pick up chili from our Vinton Fire Department Chili Supper - 2020 Special Edition (Click this link for full details on the Event page).
So tomorrow night, let us handle the cooking, put some Christmas music on the car radio, take the kids for a drive down to the Fire Station and give them the opportunity to wave at Santa as you wait for hot chili! Everyone could use a little cheer this year!
The meal will be served Thursday, November 19, 2020, beginning at 4 PM through 7:30 PMĀ 

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