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Operation EDITH is a fire-safety program that seeks to encourage the parents of young children to talk to their kids about the importance of fire safety. The cornerstone of the campaign is Exit Drill In The Home, thus the name "EDITH". The purpose is to educate early elementary school children and their families about the life-saving value of having a fire escape plan from their home.

Why have a fire safety program for young children?

Children under 15 accounted for 12% of the home fire fatalities and 10% of the injuries. Children under five account for 6% of the deaths and 4% of the injuries.

Tragically, children age five and under are twice as likely to die in fires as are older children and adults. Many die because they instinctively try to hide from smoke and flames in closets and under beds. As parents, you need to reinforce some key messages about fire safety with your children. Children learn best by example, so spend some time at least twice a year practicing an exit drill with your family.

Children age five and under are twice as likely to die in fires as are older children and adults. Statistics show that for children ages 1-4, fires and burns are the leading cause of unintentional injury.

What is the goal of Operation EDITH?

Operation EDITH seeks to educate the parents of young children about the importance of talking about what children should do if there is a fire. The cornerstone of the project is an Exit Drill In The Home, thus the name EDITH. Parents will be urged to practice an Exit Drill at 7:00 PM on Thursday, October 8th, when participating the local fire station will sound their sirens. If families are located in areas where no siren is heard, they are still urged to practice their Exit Drill.

Parents are also urged to install and regularly check smoke detectors on every level of the home.

You are encouragd to teach children three important fire safety tips:

1. What a Smoke Detector Sounds Like

2. What to do when the detector sounds - Get Low and Go!

3. Go to a Family Meeting Spot Outside the Home

Turn your porch light on to indicate that you have practiced these steps with your children Thursday night at 7:00 p.m.

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