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the 2020 IMS President's Inaugural Reception and Awards Program on
Friday, July 10, the Iowa Medical Society awarded the following
individuals and organizations for their commitment and dedication to
the medical community.

Washington Freeman Peck Award:
to Accessibility
for All
an organization based in Cedar Rapids that works to increase access
to the political process for people with disabilities, their
advocates, and allies.

Washington Freeman Peck Award is
presented each year to an organization that makes significant
contributions to public health.

The John
F. Sanford Award was awarded
to Mary
Kitchell of
 Ames and Kathy
Lariviere of 
Vinton for their excellent leadership, hard work, and many
accomplishments with their long-time service and dedication to the
Iowa Medical Society Foundation.

John F. Sanford Award is presented each year to honor laypersons who have made outstanding contributions to the public health or made
an impact in the field of health care.

Past honorees include Governor Terry Branstad, Keith Luchtel, JD, Senator Mike Gronstal, Tom Newton, Roma Taylor, RN, Mike Abrams, Jeanine Freeman, JD and Paul Drey, JD.

Lariviere's past dedication to this organization has helped to make it a leading nonprofit organization in Iowa, aiding students in their continued education, as well as supporting the Iowa Medical Society in its core purpose.

Iowa Medical Society

Iowa Medical Society (IMS) is the largest physician (DOs and MDs)
membership organization in the state, representing more than 6,800
physicians, residents, and medical students in every medical
specialty, practice setting, career phase, and corner of Iowa.
Staying true to the organizational core purpose, to
assure the highest quality health care in Iowa through our role as
physician and patient advocate
the advocacy efforts at both the state and federal levels are based
on the desire to improve the healthcare system and allow physicians
to focus their time, energy, and talents on providing quality health
care to all Iowans.

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