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This is a 1948 Indian motorcycle carefully restored to show off it's beauty.

Editor's Note:

For the past several years, I've had the privilege of chatting with Bob Kimm, a former Vintonian now in his 80's. The memories he shares of the time he lived in Vinton back in the 1950's are fun to hear.

We've become "pen pals" of sorts, although I guess the term "email pals" would be more appropriate.

He shared the following with me, and I hope he still writes after he sees that his email warranted a story.

I thought some of you might enjoy seeing this little beauty, and I don't think Bob will mind that I shared it with you, so enjoy!


Each year for the past 35 years there has been a Vintage Motorcycle show held in the Phoenix area on Palm Sunday.

Most of those shows have had the privilege of seeing a rare vintage 1948 Indian Motorcycle that had been carefully restored back in 1992.

Bob Kimm, a former Vinton resident, said that he has been awarded numerous trophies over the years for his motorcycle.

He no longer owns his 1946 bike, but proudly shares his 1948 Indian whenever he can so that others can enjoy seeing it.

"I am no longer able to ride it, but my friend Hugh comes over and cleans the dust off and takes it to the show for me," Kimm said, "He gets as excited about it as I do!"

Kimm now in his 80's was a bit under the weather this past weekend and decided to stay home. "But Hugh picked the bike up and got it to the show. He came home with a big smile on his face. The '48 won a trophy for “second place’ in the Post-war Classic 1946-1955

Class. "This is voted on by all the participants who are displaying bikes," Kimm said. "This section of the competition includes all makes and models of that era."

Some of the bikes that Kimm competed against are professionally restored, so Kimm is pretty proud of the fact that he was able to restore the bike himself and preserve it for others to enjoy.

The Sponsoring Club has a group of Judges who follow guidelines and select winners in each manufacturing group.

The bike won 1st Place as the “Best Indian”.

"I think these trophies are now in a group of some 23 trophies that this beautiful creation has won for me. I bought the bike from the original owner, Nat Ryland, who made me promise I would restore It and ride it if I could and show it around," said Kimm.

Here is Kimm's favorite photo of his restored 1948 Indian motorcycle that has won so many awards including the "Best of Show" in Tucson in 1994.

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