University of Northern Iowa awards degrees to 874 Fall grads

New alumni were added to the roster of graduates of the University of Northern Iowa . (Name/s) of (Hometown) was/were among the graduates. He/She received a (degree) with a major in (major).

: A * preceding a name indicates "graduated with honors," ** means "graduated with high honors," and *** means "graduated with highest honors"

Atkins, IA Kelsey Ettleman
Bachelor of Arts Elementary Education

Atkins, IA Elizabeth Gleason
Bachelor of Arts Management: Human Resource

Atkins, IA * Alyssa Hoeppner
Bachelor of Arts Social Work

Atkins, IA Katelyn Mishmash
Bachelor of Arts Elementary Education

Elberon, IA Joel Wauters
Bachelor of Arts Communication:Dgtl Journalism

Fremont, IA Trevor Swartz
Bachelor of Arts Elementary Education

La Porte City, IA * Emily Johanningmeier
Bachelor of Arts English Teaching

Newhall, IA Cameron Touro
Bachelor of Arts Finance: Financial Management
Real Estate

Van Horne, IA *** Michael Zittergruen
Bachelor of Arts Accounting

Vinton, IA Dylan Rippel
Bachelor of Arts Mvmnt & Exrc Sci: Exercise Sci

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