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This weekend is your last chance to catch "No Time to Die" at the Palace! Daniel Craig's James Bond plays in our regular schedule, Friday and Saturday at 2 pm and 7 pm, and Sunday at 7 pm.

I've seen it, and it's so good! You'll be out of breath after the opener! The high energy action scenes are amazing, Daniel Craig is stellar as always, and Rami Malek makes an eerily credible villain. Do I wish "Die" was two films instead of one? Yes! So much to discuss after this movie. And I want to see more of Ana de Armas, who portrays Paloma.

"No Time to Die" runs 2 hrs and 45 minutes, but it's a crazy fast few hours! And we have lots of hot, buttery popcorn, and HOMEMADE CHILI and CHILI DOGS!


On Sunday at 2 pm, ACT I again presents Tommy Milligan - this time portraying "American Dreamer: the Life and Times of Henry A. Wallace." You won't want to miss Milligan's engaging, up close and personal performance, followed by an entertaining and informative audience Q and A.

This performance is open to the public, free of charge. ACT I thanks you for your past support.

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