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If you were in Vinton on Saturday night, you heard music. From the Cedar RIver to the farthest most corner in the southwest end of Vinton, the music was heard. If you made your way to Celebration Park you know that Vinton Unlimited provided the town with an excellent opportunity to enjoy some classic rock from the 70s, 80s and beyond. More than 250 people enjoyed the evening.

5 Second Rule kicked off the evening in the early evening entertaining the crowd with their smooth sound. The group featured local talent who specializes in rock from the 70s through the 90's grunge and metal. The group's sound is definitely headliner-worthy.

If you are in need of a group for an event you can find more about them on their Facebook page.

Standing Hampton brought their talent to the park rocking the crowd into the night. Featuring 70's and 80's classic rock the group showcased their musical abilities to an appreciative crowd.

To find out more about Standing Hampton, visit their website

A special thank you to all of the volunteers who spent their evening manning tickets, the beer tent, setting up, tearing down and cleaning up. You make Vinton a special place to live. Thanks to Vinton Unlimited for their organization and planning of the event, you too make Vinton ROCK!

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