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When you see a cement truck parked in front of the Palace Theater, you know the movie isn't showing. Progress is being made on the new concession area at the Palace. Allan Merchant was in the beginning stages of repairing the floor for the new concession area.

According to the Palace, demolition took place in just five hours a week ago Saturday. "This week Edwards Plumbing removed cement for floor sinks and roughed in plumbing, Allan Merchant replaced cement, and Mike Morrow, with the expert assistance of his father, Dave, began framing the new concession stand."

The Palace is officially closed due to the Corona virus, but people volunteer all year long, and sometimes you catch them at it...even if it's a bit late, thanks Allan and everyone working so hard to make updates at the Palace!

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TP March 23, 2020, 1:38 pm Hi Valerie,
Most people don't know the difference, but 'cement' is one of components of 'concrete'. Others are rock, sand and of course, water.

Editor’s note: You of course are correct, I did know that but forgot to check and see which word I should use! Thanks!

So, concrete was removed and replaced at the Palace.
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