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With an outstanding performance by the cast of ACT I, the group didn't fail to wow the crowd. From the live band in the orchestra pit to the tiniest actors on the stage the show was sheer perfection.

The immense size of the cast gave the show the ability to work in anyone and everyone with the greatest talent to the little baby that was part of the production.

There is still a chance to catch the production on Sunday afternoon and then next weekend as well. See the ad below for more information.

For pictures from the show, click here.

For tickets and information about the event, click here.

The cast is listed below, because yes, they need recognition for the awesome job that they did...

Music Man Cast

Traveling Salesmen: Noah Porter, Mitch Mensen, Tucker Mensen, Dave Gates, Nathan Groom

Newspaper Readers: Jaden Patterson, Avery Andrews, Alex Funk

Train Conductor: Dave Neas

Charlie Cowell: Corey Pierce

Harold Hill: Chris Overturf

Mayor Shinn: Greg Walston

The Quartet:

Ewart Dunlop: Ian Stuelke

Oliver Hix: Nathan Groom

Jacey Squires: Casey Funk

Olin Britt: Jeremiah Brown

Marcellus Washburn: Matt Walston

Tommy Djilas: Joe Dufoe

Marian Paroo: Katie Stuelke

Mrs. Paroo: Patti Gilbaugh

Amaryllis: Mya Randall

Winthrop Paroo: Levi Mensen

Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn: Cathi Calderwood

Zaneeta Shinn: Kara Perry

Gracie Shinn: Kandice Dircks

Alma Hix: Brynn Johnson

Maud Dunlop: Newelle Dalton

Ethel Toffelmeir: Holly Overturf

Mrs. Squires: Macey Overturf

Constable Locke: Mark Johnson

Farmer: Mark Johnson

Farmer’s Wife: Monique Smith

Pick-a-Little Ladies: Deb Cline, Jane Dufoe, Sue Gates, Alyssa Groom, Kendra Mensen, Monique Smith, Charlee Steinke, Shane Wunder

Featured Dancers: Newelle Dalton, Ellie Groom, Haylee Karr, Elisabeth Kuhn, Tucker Mensen, Raeganne Neilson, Kara Perry, Owen Sexton, Elise Smith, Madalyn Staggs, Charlee Steinke, Lexi Van Ree

Ensemble: Megan O’Meara, Brady Conway, Sam Opfer, Sofia Delacruz, Kassidy Otto, Jon Dufoe, Emily Overturf, Bryleigh Farmer, Ava Randall, Ellie Groom, Henry Groom, Hudsen Rule, Darin Humiston, Owen Sexton, Katelyn Humiston, Elise Smith, Abigail James, Blake Soquet, Blaze Soquet, Haylee Karr, Kennedy Kisling, Madalyn Staggs, Zoey Kriner, Elisabeth Kuhn, Alexis Van Ree, Christian Liedtke, Sylvia Vaupel, Bryce Walker, Lily Miller, Gracie Whelan, Lola Miller, Alivia Wilkins, Ashlyn Wilkins, Raeganne Neilson

Music Man Crew

Director: Steve Arnold

Producer, Assistant Director, Stage Manager: Monica Funk

Music Director: Michala Martin

Choreographer: Joan Cooling

Pit Band Director: Judy Trygstad

Set Construction: Ian Stuelke, John Stuelke, Blake Hanson, Doug Martens, Mitch Mensen

Set Painting: Jeff Funk, Kellie van Ree, Kristeen Opfer, Heidi Whelan

Detail Painting: Samantha Mancinas, Leisa Stuelke, Joan Cooling, Charley Cooling, Katie Stuelke, Colin Schlotfeldt, Taylor Vislisel, Sherry Stout, Colleen Randall

Costume Mistress: Kelsey Franck

Costume Assistants: Leisa Stuelke, Shane Wunder, Amy Grundmeyer

Properties: Sara Wilkins

Stage Crew: Mitch Mensen, Corey Pierce

Lighting Design: Eric Upmeyer

Lighting Operator: Everett Henderson

Sound Operator: Jason Liedtke

Assistant Stage Manager: Macey Overturf

Photographer: Tammy Karr

The Musicians

Laura McClure-Fleck – Flute

Barb Glime – Clarinet

Jody Bierschenk – Tenor Sax, Clarinet

Connie McDonald – Saxophone

John Fuoto – Trumpet

George Carr – Trumpet

Shelby Channel – Trombone

Kaitlyn McVay – Bass

Charley Cooling (first week) / Emma Metcalf (second week) – Percussion

Lori Ferguson – Piano

Judy Trygstad - Director

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