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With a unique blend of talent, instruments and humor, Mallory Graham and Scott Tyler entertained a crowd at Farmers Mercantile in Garrison on Sunday afternoon.

The two entertained with traditional as well as homemade instruments which included a guitar, and several other things including shakers made out of a wine bottle, glass jugs, floor drums from a suitcase and mailbox, children's instruments including a toy piano. Sprinkled throughout the performance were stories of their travels, how the songs came about and stories of their life made the audience chuckle along with them.

The love of their dogs was evident throughout the performance. Their dog stayed at their feet the whole time, enjoying an occasional snack and some attention. A song entitled "Little White Paper" was written specifically for the dog they lost which summed up the trail of papers that a pet leaves behind, receipts for food, toys and finally the paper describing the "built-in heartbreak" of losing a pet. (Pictures of the event)

At each concert, the Garrison Library provides snacks/refreshments...really, it's a potluck for a donation to the library, so bring a little extra to enjoy that part of the concert.

The concert yesterday brought a gentleman from as far away as Anamosa, who said that this was his fourth time to make the trip. To make sure that you don't miss out on the next concert, be sure to follow the Farmers Mercantile Hall for upcoming concerts.

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