For those of us that enjoy southern gospel music and were lucky enough to visit First Christian Church on Thursday night, you were thrilled to hear music that was as professional as I've heard in a church for a long time. No, it was as professional as any music that you'd hear anywhere.

The group New Legacy Project sang for a couple of hours at the church entertaining and harmonizing to perfection.

For those not familiar with the group, like me, think the Gaither Vocal Band and you have this group. It was an evening of enjoyment for those that miss hearing really tight harmony and something that feeds your soul. The group has a dvd out called, "Doxology" with a new spin on hymns which, I have to admit was ripped open and popped into my CD player before I left my parking space and it doesn't disappoint at all.

Some of the songs shared are from a book of lyrics recently discovered that were written by Fanny Crosby, and music had been created for her words. An interesting twist. The next time this group visits Vinton, I'm telling you now, DON'T schedule anything on that night, I'll be here, listening again and soaking up every note of their music.

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