The 6th grade band and 7th and 8th grade Jazz band performed at the Tilford Auditorium.

Photos of the concert can be found here!

The 6th Graders performed:

Bandroom Boogie

Jingle Bells

Donkey Round

Bile Them Cabbage Down

London Bridge Duet

Southern Roses

Frere Jacques

This old Man

Barracuda Rock

Member of the 6th Grade band included


Josie Coots

Broden Farrell

Alana Fleming

Alyssa Fuehrer

Allison Kaut

Yasmine Rogers

Dana Terc

Joliemae Watson


Brynlea Darnell

Kiley Fiser

Daijah Hughes

Sydney Kottke

Eryca Martin

Tori Richart

Lillian Rider

Brady Whelan

Alto Saxes:

Noah Armstrong

Jazmyn Dods

Adysen Frieden

Emily Johnson

Evan Lopata

Melina Nelson

Jade Pohlmann

Megan Schlitter

Conner Zearley

Tenor Saxes:

Mles Neblung

Andrew Pingenot


Isabel Birker

Braxton Lohrer

Chloe Mossman

Hudson Sallee

Brenna Trinkle

Brody Waters

Spencer Williams

French Horns:

Isabelle Dahlstrom

Blaze Soquet


Dakota Cornell

Emily Delay

Abbie Osborn

Hunter Reed


Ryan Shipley

Arielle Stallings


Celeste Mikler


Hayden Davis

Hayee Karr

Olivia Primrose

Keira Ritter

Magdalena Roy

Molly Zearley

Performed by the 7th and 8th Grade Jazz Band were the songs, "Jammin with Charlie", soloist Cameron Dawson-Fink, "Sunday Afternoon" and "Big Spender."

7th and 8th Grade Band Members included:

Alto Saxes:

Merritt Bodeker

Victoria Elwick

June McElwee

Addy Redlinger

Sam Glynn

Tenor Saxes:

Ashton Slaton

Hugh Mangold

Bari Saxes:

Chris Fleming

Wyatt Janssen


Ian Sallee

Aleric Weber

Brant Dickinson

Gavin Salger

Cameron Dawson-Fink

Patience Kies

Baylee Wheeler

Darby Glynn

Cole Siems


Max Janssen

Rythm Section:

Lillia Dahlstrom, Piano/Vibes

Sammie Lundvall, Traps/Vibes

Eli Page, Traps/Aux Perc

Parker Arnold, Bass

Bryce Walker, Piano/Aux/Vibes

Photos by Abigail Close

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