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Clickstop Looking to Hire More Than 25 Employees as E-Commerce Business Booms

Corridor Company Clickstop Looking to Hire More Than 25 Employees as E-Commerce Business Booms

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday May 4, 2021

URBANA, Iowa - As the popularity of online shopping continues to rise, employment opportunities for high-performing, self-motivated individuals from across the Corridor are abundant.

Clickstop Inc., a multi-brand, employee-owned company with countless workplace awards, is currently looking to hire for about 27 full-time, part-time, seasonal, and internship positions.

After posting record-setting first quarter results to kick off 2021, Clickstop and its newly appointed CEO, Cari McCoy, knows there is much to celebrate and even more yet to accomplish.

"It's because of the strength of every person and team that our business has not only survived, but thrived under the strangest of circumstances," says McCoy. "I've never been more confident in the mission and strategy of Clickstop, and I think we're all looking forward to embracing more challenges, driving more growth, and continuing to succeed together."

Available opportunities at Clickstop include full-time roles in sales and information technology, as well as numerous full-time, part-time, and seasonal roles in manufacturing and warehouse operations. Internship opportunities span digital marketing and sales to technology and supply chain roles.

Explaining exactly what Clickstop does isn't the easiest of tasks. The now 16-year-old company primarily functions online with a focus on getting its customers "what they want, when they need it." Clickstop's flagship brand, US Cargo Control, serves the professional trucking, rigging, and moving industries with products such as ratchet straps, chain slings, and moving blankets. Other online Clickstop brands encompass the building and construction industry as well as the spicy world of super-hot pepper products. Most recently, the team has diversified into brick and mortar by growing a nationwide chain of modern laundromats which now span 8 states.

Although much is happening under the Clickstop umbrella, the stated mission of the organization is quite clear and certainly employee-oriented; "To create a business that is sustainable, enjoyable, and provides opportunity for those who seek it."

This mission to deliver sustainable opportunity and enjoyment to all "Clickstoppers" isn't simply words on a wall, it's an unending, unified thread that is persistently woven into the fabric of everyday experience. The people and their behavior are what spark the company's success.

"Our Core Values guide our business decisions, drive our growth, and help us attract, hire, and retain top talent," says Jeremy Meyer, VP of Employee Engagement at Clickstop. "They are unwavering principles that breathe life into our everyday projects and tasks and ultimately, they're our recipe for success."

If interested in joining the Clickstop team, head over to to submit an application.

About Clickstop:

Headquartered in Urbana, Iowa, Clickstop is a multi-brand merchant and manufacturer, serving diverse markets and industries. Founded in 2005, Clickstop's continued growth as well as its commitment to exceptional workplace culture has landed it numerous awards including first place finishes as the "Coolest Places to Work" in the Corridor, recognition on Inc. Magazine's list of "Fastest Growing Companies" for 12 straight years, and multiple "Iowa Top Workplaces" awards. To learn more visit


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