Regions Bank has announced that it will be closing the Vinton branch office on May 21. Headquartered in Alabama, the company was founded in 1971 and opened a branch in Vinton shortly after.
The bank also said that they will be merging with the larger branch located in Waterloo.  The offices will be open in Vinton through 2:00 p.m. on May 21st, but after that, customers are invited to use the Regions Bank located at 224 West Ridgeway Ave. in Waterloo. 
In 2007 the bank had 2,127 branches and has slowly been combining offices across the country since then. The bank currently has 1,454 offices open before the latest round of consolidations in May. 

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Comments (2)

Will we have to close our accounts there, or will they transfer to Waterloo ???? The bank has little information about this, WHY??? They need to advise their customers. Right.

Editor's Note: If there is a Regions Bank in Waterloo, you would be able to access your account there or probably online.
By: Marlyn Duncan on February 24th 8:34pm
How will I be able to make cash deposits? No drive up service . Regions has not given us much information.
By: Marlyn Duncan on February 26th 4:38pm

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