We have decided that the most efficient way to
communicate our closings is to send out text alerts to those individuals who sign-up. Anyone who has a cell phone is welcome to sign-up their phone number with either Linda or Rachel. If you are scheduled for home delivered meals, we will try to call you to let you know meals are cancelled unless you have a cell phone-you will be sent a text alert.
When Benton County Transportation is closed, the meal site is closed.
Questions, please ask us!
PS-Contrary to popular belief the meal site is often open even though the schools may have closed.
PSS-If you call the center and no one answers the phone it could be due to call volume rather than the site is closed.

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Is there dine-in meals at the senior center at this time? (other than tomorrow, I mean.)
By: Alva Arbuckle on December 29th 5:45pm

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