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As a way of giving back to our local communities, Storey Kenworthy team members across the state are encouraged to nominate qualified non-profits and five organizations are selected on an annual basis as a featured non-profit. Instead of choosing a free gift as a thank you for a large order, customers may choose to have Storey Kenworthy donate to the featured non-profit organization.

Lu Karr of Vinton nominated Pink Heals-Eastern Iowa. Karr, representing the local Storey Kenworthy office presented a check for $1,092.00 to Pink Heals last week. Dennis Bramow, founder of Pink Heals said the money will help Pink Heals continue their mission of spreading love and support to people in Eastern Iowa.

Pictured with Karr are Dennis Bramow, Jeremy Wheeler, JJ Wheeler and Robin Martin.

Storey Kenworthy is an 80 year old family owned, Iowa company headquartered in Des Moines, with 11 locations across the state, including Vinton.

This is the 3rd Vinton non-profit that Storey Kenworthy made donations to in the last year. Previous organizations were the Vinton Fire Department and Operation Backpack.

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