In partnership with the City of Vinton, Vinton Unlimited is excited to introduce the Business Improvement Grant (BIG) program. The BIG Program is made possible by funds received through the Hotel Occupancy Tax program within the City of Vinton.

The objectives of the program are 1) to support rehabilitation and preservation of commercial property; 2) encourage new business; and 3) retain, revitalize and expand existing business in Vinton.

The program was designed to provide financial assistance to commercial businesses within the city limits. Assistance is available in the following categories: acquisition assistance, awning & signage, commercial exterior, commercial interior, education, façade and HVAC.

The Business Improvement Grant Program will be administered by the City Administrator. All applications will be reviewed by the City Administrator and sent to the City Council for approval. The name of applicant, assistance value and proposed project will be placed on the council agenda and discussed at the meeting. Funds will be paid only upon the completion of the approved project and after third party claims are verified and submitted to the City. All payments will be made at the time the City makes regular claim payments.

Grants are only available while funds exist for the project.  If funds are unavailable, the application may be held until funds are received from the State of Iowa at the next quarterly distribution.

Applications are now being accepted. Call or visit with Chris Ward; City Administrator for further details and questions.

Download the program details and the application. These documents will also be available on the City of Vinton website.

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