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Hello, my name is Gabriel Smith and I am a new chiropractor at Betterton Chiropractic. I grew up nearby in Dike and later attended the University of Northern Iowa where I received a degree in Biology. When I started at UNI, I knew I wanted to serve people from a health field, so I shadowed many different health related professions to figure out which one was right for me. Once I shadowed at a chiropractic office, it quickly became my life’s ambition. I had been to a chiropractor for hip pain and headaches, but I had no clue how far-reaching the benefits of chiropractic care were before shadowing. Various patients came in and reported that the chiropractor had helped them with their digestive problems, attention disorders, allergies, anxiety, restless legs, and the list goes on. I learned there is so much you can do to improve people’s health by tapping into their nervous systems. I needed to know how it worked, so when I graduated UNI, I went on to Palmer College of Chiropractic.

At Palmer I learned how chiropractors work with the spine and nervous system. I learned about the vast health issues that could be traced back to nerve dysfunction, poor diet, and different stresses in life. As my fascination with chiropractic deepened, I got more involved with a student club that focused on the Gonstead technique. The Gonstead club met and practiced more than any other technique club, so I figured it was the best technique choice to hone my chiropractic skills. From there my chiropractic journey took off. I began attending Gonstead seminars and learned from numerous experienced chiropractors including Dr. Matt Betterton. I also attended seminars on extremity adjusting, so I could help people with injuries to joints outside of the spine. As my schooling was coming to an end, I decided to intern with Matt because of his connection to the Gonstead seminar. I learned so much and met an abundance of great people from the area that Matt had helped during my internship. I enjoyed my experience and wanted to continue working in the area, so after graduation I decided to stay and work as a chiropractor at Betterton Chiropractic.

Outside of chiropractic I enjoy playing soccer, watching hockey, spending time with my friends and family, and getting involved in my community. Some of the community involvement I enjoy includes: working with Big Brothers Big Sisters, volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club, serving at The Salvation Army, planting trees with Green Iowa Americorps, and doing various health talks. I have met many amazing people from my community involvement and look forward to meeting many more by staying involved. I am grateful that my chiropractic journey has led me to this community, and I look forward to sharing the power of chiropractic to those struggling with health issues in the area.

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