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Fareway and BodyArmor present the Dan Gable Mr. and Ms. Wrestler of the Year Awards in coordination with IAwrestle and the Iowa High School Wrestling Coaches Association (IWCOA).

The IWCOA accepted nominations from high school coaches for student athletes in each of the three state wrestling classes for the men and combined all classes for the women's award, regardless of their year in school and weight class. A committee selected by the IWCOA provided IAwrestle with a list of 15 finalist candidates for public input.

Fans have the ability to vote once per day for their top wrestler in each category until January 25, when it will be narrowed down to the top seven. Another round of voting will take place to determine the three finalists by February 8. Fan votes will count as one vote towards the IWCOA's committee votes in each round.

The two runner-up student athletes in each category will each receive finalist award plaques. A duplicate Wrestler of the Year trophy and duplicate Wrestler of the Year runner-up plaques will be provided to each high school where finalists attend, for permanent placement in the high school trophy case.

Fans can vote online at


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