Saturday morning I woke up to see that some idiot, and I say that kindly, set fire to Riverside Park and did thousands of dollars of other damage in the area. As I drove to the park with my granddaughter, we walked around the structure as I took pictures. "Who is the bad people that burned my green park up so I can't play?" As the day wore on she had more questions. "Is it a boy or a girl? That's not very nice." Out of the mouths of babes.

As Mayor Maynard, City Administrator Ward, and Parks and Rec Director Boggess all looked on, the expected comments were made. But the comments that surprised me the most came from Matt Boggess. "We'll just fence this off here and..." he had gone from the shock of seeing it and right to planning, again. I was still looking at all the damage and trying to wrap my head around it and he was already on to fixing it.

Then the silly guy decides that he'd open the Splash Pad two weeks early so that the kids have something to do.Parks and Recreation in Vinton dreams and then they make the dreams come true. Parks and Rec have a nightmare situation and as soon as they wake in the morning, they start dreaming again.

This crew is full of hard-working men and women who make things happen. They have a desire to keep kids happy in Vinton and when the kids are happy, so are the parents.

I started the day out feeling angry. After seeing the community made up of our friends and neighbors join together in yet another rough patch for our town, I began to smile. We are Vinton. When something bad happens, we take it in, then roll up our sleeves and deal with it. That doesn't mean that we aren't angry, there's plenty of that to go around. This just means that we will join forces to put our little town back together. Granted, some of us will have to work harder to make that happen again, but I know that at the slightest hint that there is help needed, there will be people showing up to help.

A special thank you to our dear firefighters who were trying to get a good night's sleep, thanks for jumping out of bed to stop the damage from spreading.

Thank you to our police department who also responded and spent most of the night/morning at the scene.

Thank you to our very awesome Parks and Recreation Department for giving us the great spaces to enjoy, and for putting them back together when someone breaks them.

To the person or persons responsible for this damage...


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NG May 16, 2022, 5:29 pm Gerald Bates, You wish people posting in opposition would find God, well I wish that a lot of today's republicans would find God. If they did hopefully they would not be trying to cut social security and medicare. I wish they thought it was important that all Citizens had the right to vote. I wish they cared about the children after birth as much as they claim they care when they are still in the womb. I wish they cared about the pregnant woman, what she is up against that makes her decide she needs an abortion. I wish they cared about rape and incest victims instead of saying it's just a small number which means they aren't important. I wish they cared as much about all the black people being killed as they care about the white people. I wish racists like Tucker Carlson were not allowed to be on TV to broadcast his hate and lies. I wish Fox News and other conservatives were not on TV now embracing this latest shooter in Boston and pushing the "White Replacement Theory" which is 100% false. They are using this theory to stir up more hate and try to get more black people killed. The conservatives promoting this garbage are Christian in name only and all they are looking for is money and power. I wish the republicans in congress had respect for what the majority of the people want. We want abortion to stay as a woman's choice. We want all citizens to have the right to vote. We want increased background checks to keep guns out of some people's hands. The Boston shooter had issues in high school where the police were involved but yet he was able to buy a gun legally. Why? Republicans don't care about the character of their candidate, as long as he/she is republican they will vote for them, Trump being the proof of that and also some of their current candidates across the country. So for all you so called Christians out there, if you think being against abortion qualifies you to be called a Christian, you are wrong.

Norma Gould
MB May 26, 2022, 4:37 pm Thank you for the kind words Val