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COVID Recovery Iowa is responding to the mental health needs of Iowans impacted by the recent storm. While more than 75,000 Iowans are still without power one week after a derecho destroyed trees, homes and brought down power lines across the state, help is available by contacting the Iowa Concern Hotline.
COVID Recovery Iowa is for Iowans who have been impacted by both the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and living in the aftermath of last week's storms. In addition, the program offers support groups, activities, and resources and information referral, COVID Recovery Iowa offers virtual counseling to all Iowans at no cost.
COVID Recovery Iowa is administered by the Iowa Department of Human Services, made possible with support from FEMA, and is an extension of Project Recovery Iowa. COVID Recovery Iowa utilizes partnerships with a statewide network of service delivery providers to determine how best to serve each individual participant.
"The economic impact is devastating. However, the personal and emotional impact is also taking a heavy toll," said Tammy Jacobs, coordinator for the Iowa Concern Hotline, a partner of COVID Recovery Iowa.
Iowans in need of assistance can contact the Iowa Concern Hotline at 800-447-1985 or go to Program staff can also provide referrals and information about programs that will help Iowans manage stress, family financial and farm financial concerns.
These programs include Iowa State University Extension and Outreach farm management resources, family finance consultation, resources for parents and much more. Educational seminars and solutions also are available for farmers and businesses managing staff remotely who need support. Iowans can contact COVID Recovery Iowa to learn more and receive a response tailored to their specific personal or business needs.


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