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In response to Governor Reynold's announcement of community spread in Iowa of the COVID-19 virus, Virginia Gay Hospital is updating the public with the following information regarding Virginia Gay Hospital and clinics as we work to minimize patient and staff exposure and conserve resources.

The following precautions will take effect until further notice.

* Public access is limited to the hospital main entrance and Vinton Clinic main entrance. Temperature/screening will be performed on All patients and visitors entering the hospital or clinic buildings

* Nursing & Rehab: All non-essential visits are postponed at this time. Families can contact management/activities about options to set up phone calls, emails, video chats

* Visitors:

ER is restricting all visitors except with pediatric patients or critically ill patients. Acute Care is limiting visitors to one healthy adult per patient room per day at any time unless there is a special circumstance. Adults are classified as individuals 18 years of age or older and must be in good health. Special circumstances apply to end-of-life or critically ill patients. Children are not allowed to visit at this time.

* We are suspending all previously scheduled meetings or activities involving the public or non employees. We are discouraging walkers, therapy gym members and other visitors at this time

* Call ahead to clinic if you have fever, cough, shortness of breath, travel history or a known or unknown exposure to COVID-19.

* If you are unsure if your health condition is an emergency situation, please call 319-472-6200.

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