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In keeping with a commitment to patient safety, effective today, Virginia Gay Hospital will temporarily limit patient visitations in order to minimize potential patient and staff exposure to seasonal influenza and other respiratory viruses.

Starting today, the following precautions will take effect until further notice.

* Visitors are limited to two adults per patient room at any time unless there is a special circumstance. Adults are classified as individuals 18 years of age or older and must be in good health. Special circumstances apply to end-of-life or critically ill patients. Children are not allowed to visit at this time. Visitors should check in at the Acute Care nurses station.

* Visitors to Nursing & Rehab are limited to two adults in good health. Call ahead or check in prior to patient visit at N&R nurses station.

* VALET Service will also be suspended at this time

These precautionary measures are being taken to provide optimal safety as instances of seasonal flu and COVID-19 concern is on the rise.


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