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You rarely see a wedding party on a hay ride. But when you do, you have to follow the fun. So I did. I Interrupted the celebration just long enough to snap a few photos and quickly get out of the way.

It's little things like the happiness of a couple that makes me smile. It's easy to be grateful to see the joy of a couple starting life out together.

I didn't expect to run into the subject of another story that I did a few years ago. The father of the groom was also the first guy in Vinton to be hospitalized and survive a severe case of COVID when we were just trying to figure out how to treat and survive the pandemic.

Best wishes to the happy couple Justin and Missy! May you have many, many happy decades together!


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Vicky Buckingham August 8, 2022, 1:44 pm Congratulations to the happy couple.
Hayrides were a common thing in years past. So many fun memories of going on Hayrides.
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