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Leading Online Public School Hosted Virtual Commencement for Class of 2021 on May 16

Iowa Connections Academy, one of Iowa's most experienced tuition-free, online public schools for students in grades K-12, honored the school's 116 graduating high school seniors during an online ceremony on Sunday, May 16. The 2021 graduating class is the largest to date for the fully virtual school, which opened in 2012. While graduates were unable to celebrate in person due to the ongoing pandemic, school administrators, teachers and family members cheered on the graduates during the virtual commencement.

Iowa Connections Academy's Class of 2021 consists of graduates from many cities and towns across Iowa, including Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport and more, who experienced a high-quality, uninterrupted education despite the challenging year. Among the graduating class, 48% plan to attend two- or four-year colleges or universities, 11% plan to enter the workforce and 8% plan to attend vocational or technical school.

Among the graduates is Gareth Stefanc, an Oskaloosa resident who has balanced schoolwork with a part-time job while also pursuing his interests in gaming, reading and music. "Iowa Connections Academy offered flexibility in my schedule and opportunities to participate in clubs that aligned with my interests," shared Stefanc, who is a member of the school's gaming and technology club. "My grades have been better than ever since attending Iowa Connections Academy because the teachers are amazing."

"Despite the difficulty that the last year brought to many families across the globe, our outstanding students worked hard to reach the exciting graduation milestone," said Dr. James Brauer, principal at Iowa Connections Academy. "Whether they're pursuing continued education, starting a military career or entering the workforce, I am confident that this group will succeed in all future endeavors."

Iowa Connections Academy currently serves approximately 850 students in grades K-12 across Iowa, providing students with the continuous support of highly-skilled teachers and curriculum that focuses on both academics and social-emotional learning, while helping them gain the skills and confidence they need to thrive in a changing world. The school's teachers are specially trained to bring their skills and personality to the virtual classroom and emphasize the importance of fostering meaningful connections with students and their families. Learning plans are flexible and can be uniquely tailored based on a student's specific needs.

At Iowa Connections Academy, students have access to advanced courses, extracurricular activities and flexible scheduling that helps them to take ownership of their own unique educational journey. Students who enroll in the school join a collaborative community of their fellow students and educators that provides a welcoming, distraction-free learning environment.

This notice was published on Vinton Today at the request of the graduate.


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