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The Kiwanis Club and the Post Prom Committee would like to extend a huge thank you to John Ketchen and John's Quick Stop. The local generosity of our community members has really came through. The junior class really stepped up and did a great job from flagging cars down to explaining our cause and drying the cars off. We could haven't done it with the Kiwanis club washing all the cars that came into the manual bays and helping dry off the cars with some future Kiwanis Club kids working alongside their parents.

John Ketchen was extremely generous in giving each car that came through a $15 gift card to use on a future car wash as well as a Godfather's pizza card for a free mini pizza with the purchase of a regular pizza. The weather was great and the community support was outstanding. On a year when Post Prom has hit one road block after another with Covid, we certainly appreciate the generosity of not only the money that was raised that day but the $1000 donation from John's as well. THANK YOU John's Quick Stop!


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