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Vinton Lions Club congratulates Bret Nelson and Sheriff Ron Tippett for recently receiving the "Lamplighter Award of Appreciation".

Dale Schrad, 2nd Vice District Governor of District 9E, was available to present the awards. The Lamplighter Award of Appreciation is awarded to those who are invaluable to the clubs success whether in service or fundraising. Dale Schrad stated, "the District Governor, Rich Congdon, when he took office on July 1st, 2020, decided that the heart of any successful Lions club are the members who go above and beyond to generate success in fundraising and service projects. He also felt the officers are recognized for the success of the club, so he created the "Lamplighter Award of Appreciation" which is presented to members who are there to help and achieve success. "

Vinton Lions primary fundraising venture is the food trailer. Over the years Vinton Lions have had the good fortune of participating in numerous local events, celebrations, street festivals, and ball games. The club membership volunteers for approximately 15-20 events each year. There are about 6 people who are behind the scenes, who do the hard work almost weekly from spring to fall and make the fundraising efforts a success. Two of these individuals are Ron Tippett and Bret Nelson.

Bret Nelson, Vinton Fareway Meat Manager, has expertise on quality of food items served, supply chain acquisition and cost of goods provided. Bret is very attentive of the needs, timeliness of having stock available and mindful of the cost, always providing best pricing. The trailer is always stocked and ready for business.

Benton County Sheriff Ron Tippett is extraordinary in his positive outlook and "can do" attitude. Ron is always ready for an event making sure all trailer equipment is functioning, serviced, cleaned, stocked and ready to go. When the recent trailer was purchased, Ron was instrumental in the design and finishing of the inside working areas. During the fundraising season the list of tasks are long to get the trailer ready, but he was always up for the challenge.

Robin Martin, Vinton Lions Club President stated, "I congratulate our membership during these unprecedented times, making remarkable efforts in being active, engaged and developing new opportunities to have meetings and fundraising success that supports Lions Mission."


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