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The Benton County Bullring Lil Racer Car Club will be getting back to our normal ways this Sunday after taking a back seat to the Urbana 5 Group, who had goody bags and a bicycle giveaway last Sunday night.

We did begin our "Kids Coloring for Trophies!" promotion again last Sunday as some recent trophy donations have allowed us to start handing them back out to kids who take the time to color us a picture, bring the picture to us at the clubhouse, and exchange it for the trophy of their choosing.

We will be registering new members, drawing for prizes, and choosing a "Lil Racer of the Week!". We have re-stocked the freezer FULL of freezer pops and our cooler has many boxes of juice pouches on ice and cooled down as well.

WE are busy collecting back-to-school supplies and backpacks, with Janice Smith undertaking the task of filling each and every empty backpack donated. We have also asked race teams and fans in the stands to "sponsor" a filled backpack in their team or car number, and dropping them off at the clubhouse this week or next. Last season the club handed out 82 filled backpacks and this season's goal is an even 100! We accept school supplies, which are listed on our Facebook page at Lil Racer Car Club INC. Join us on July 25th for the annual "Back to School Night" at the Benton County Speedway Bullring!


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