For the Hogan family of Vinton, dirt track racing has always been and will always be about family.

Tonight, July 3, the Hogan Memorial race will honor Scott’s parents, the late Dick and Janet Hogan for the last time. Scott's parents gave him his start in racing and without them, Scott would have never made it to the track on the first night out.

Dick Hogan was the publisher of the Cedar Valley Daily Times from 1976 until his death on June 24, 1995. He suffered a heart attack while watching his son, Scott, race in Independence.

A few weeks later Scott Hogan won the first annual Hogan Memorial event, which honors Dick and Janet for their commitment to racing and the Vinton community.

Every year since then, racers have gathered in Vinton for a mid-summer tribute to Dick and Janet Hogan.

Dick, an Army veteran, began working as a photographer for the newspaper in 1954. Janet was Deputy Benton County Auditor until retiring in 1997. She was one of the Party in the Park Parade Grand Marshals in 2005. Janet passed away in 2006.

Before beginning their racing career, Dick had a serious conversation with the family saying, “I would like to get Scott started in racing, but there is one thing: We'll either do this as a family and I mean everyone or we won't do it at all" and the family decided they were all in.

From that point on, Scott's entire family and their racing crew were considered family, and have been 100% their support group. "Without this family, racing would just be racing, not family -- that's what racing is to us" said Scott's wife Jolyne.

Dick was totally involved until he died. and was always there helping with the car, getting sponsors or anything that was needed. The father and son were best friends. Their garage was the race shop. It was all about family,

Scott’s sister, Terry Shafer and brother-in-law John Shafer are also a big part of the team.

“From the beginning, Terri has also always been there for Scott and is his Number 1 fan,” says Jolyne. “And her husband John is part of the race team and engine builder, along with their son, Hogan Shafer.”

As part of the event, the family has collected many donations to make this the biggest and best event in the history of the race.

Goodie bags will be given to the kids, coozies and free water to first 200 people, the first 300 people the night of the Hogan Memorial will get, either a free hot dog or box of popcorn.

There will be a TV given away that is a 50" HD Ultra 4K Smart TV and a 1 year subscription to IMCA , worth over $600, to enter bring a donation for the "Better Together Animal Rescue Organization" of one of the following:

Iams Kitten Food (purple bag)

Marth Pine Pettets (horse bedding)

Dawn Dish Soap and Paper Towels

Extra Strength 13 Gallon Black Garbage Bags

Liquid Laundry Detergent and Bleach

or a $10 donation.

There have been other donations to the race, so be sure to check out the event tonight at the Benton County Speedway beginning at 4:00 p.m. the hot laps begin at 6:00 p.m.

There will be door prizes for those in the stands as well as the drivers.

Cost for the event is $15 for adults, Children 6-12 $5, Pit Passes are $25.

As the Hogan Memorial reaches its 25th and final event in its history, the Benton County Speedway would like to honor past Modified champions. If you are in contact with any of the past drivers listed below, let them know that if they attend, the drivers will be given a complimentary pit pass to the event and will be honored on the track before the feature event.
4 Scott Hogan 1995 2005 2006 2010
3 J.D.Auringer 2007 2014 2015
2 Timm Jensen 1996 2002
2 Richie Gustin 2012 2016
1 Corey Dripps 1997
1 Mike Sampson 1998
1 Jan Messer 1999
1 Jeff Barkdoll 2000
1 Ed Thomas 2001
1 Troy Cordes 2003
1 Vern Jackson 2004
1 Nate Caruth 2008
1 Michael Long 2009
1 Jerry Luloff 2011
1 Cayden Carter 2013
1 Hunter Marriott 2017
1 Kyle Brown 2018

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I am proud of what you have done thru the years. Miss your mom and dad too. love to all. Have a great race.
By: Brenda Albers on July 3rd 4:56pm

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