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* Disclaimer: From the headline, you will assume this is a normal sports article, but it's not.

Watching my first ever soccer game, I think the thing that impressed me the most was the heart that these boys put into the game. 

On a funnier note, I kept thinking, "Look Ma, no hands!"

But the mom in me was thinking, "Ouch that has got to hurt, especially if they get kicked in the shins!" Which could happen very easily and knowing how strong boys are, that would really leave a bruise! Of course, I also cringed every time I saw the ball bounce off of their heads.

But I think I was most fascinated to watch the guys get in there and steal the ball repeatedly from the other team. Now in a sport like football, they have one goal that is to get the ball, and run like crazy, find a spot to throw it and if they are lucky to run to the end zone or kick it through the uprights. (I hope that made any sense at all to people who actually understand the game!)

With soccer, I was most amazed at how personal the game can be. It's not a matter of just dribbling the ball down the field as much as it is getting in someone else's space and using footwork to get the ball away from them. I guess I knew that, sort of, but watching these guys actually do that was pretty impressive. It takes a lot of control to run, stop then also somehow be sneaky and coordinated enough to stand in front of or next to another guy and just take the ball away from him, while he's looking!

As I watched it through my zoom lens I could see the intensity that they guys had and at times I felt like I had better than a front row seat.  Of course, half of the time I was fighting with my camera to focus and to a picture, but hey, the guys refused to stand still and smile.

I do know one thing. This team is serious. They are determined to win every time. The fierceness with which they play was heartening to see, and I know one thing, Vinton-Shellsburg is fortunate to have these boys and their coaches. 

When these guys get out in the real world, if they use this ability in whatever careers they choose, you'd better look out. They might just run up to you, look you straight in the eye and take you out of the game without lifting a finger, they aren't afraid to get in your space and they'll do what they have to do to win.

No, this isn't your normal "sports article" because well, I'm not the sports guy. I'm a gal covering her first ever sports event with all of these thoughts running through her mind. I'd have a score for this story if I had been able to stay to the end, or were able to find it online, but alas, other meetings called last night so I had to leave halfway through. So for my first ever "sports story", I will simply include a link to the photos from last night's game, and hope you enjoy them!

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That was the best sports article I've ever read, and after all, the pictures are the best part of a game!
By: Patty Morgan on May 24th 5:16am

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