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Dylan Christy

Friday night we finally were able to have a meet and it was our senior night. I have 9 seniors and the night went smoothly.  The kids as always are getting better and they were so excited to be competing again after all the snow and weather issues.


We competed against a very strong Central DeWitt team.  Both boys teams were triumphant over their competitors and the girl's teams bowled over average.  I am continually surprised at how strong these kids are and how they push themselves with all the practice the put in.


First, the BOYS VARSITY. They really worked hard.  We shot 180 pins over average as a team and 17 average pins higher in our baker games.  Ryan Schoettmer lead the team with a really nice 437 series and senior, Nathan Harrelson, came on strong in the end to shoot a nice 246 game.

Ayden Bearbower         152 159 311

Ryan Schoettmer          215 222 437

Cyrus Elwick                   174 149 323

Charley Cooling             173 171 344

Cameron Karr                192 147 339

Nathan Harrelson         160 246 406

VS Match Total: 2880          Central DeWitt Match Total: 2809


The GIRLS VARSITY team has so much fun together striving to get better each day. The girls were led by Christina Harrelson with a 346 series, Jenna Pattee had a high game of 181 and freshman, Jozee White is coming on strong. She shot 28 pins above average.  As a team, these girls shot almost a hundred pins above average.

Brianna Lundvall           145 125 270

Jordan Pattee                130 166 296

Christina Harrelson      175 171 346

Brenna Scheel              150 112 262

Jozee White                  156 165 321

Jenna Pattee                 181 121 302

VS Match Total: 2257            Central DeWitt Match Total: 2593


The BOYS JV team had an amazing night. They dominated over the competition by almost 300 pins. They were led by junior, Payton Haefner, with a phenomenal 479 series and 269 game.  Way to go Payton!  

Drew Elwick                  157 178 335

Weston Powers            124 148 272

Riley Richart                  154 148 302

Dylan Christy                145 190 335

Matthew Rippel           169 163 332

Payton Haefner            269 210 479

VS Match Total: 2614           Central DeWitt Match Total: 2316


The GIRLS JV team was led by junior, Chloe Tharp with a 283 series which is 15 pins above average.  These girls have a lot of fun together and love to cheer on each other as well a the other team.

Renee Gram                  116 138 254

Catie Steele                   119   87 206

Eli Powers                      129 166 295 (helped us out as we were short a girl)

Allie Geiger                      99   92 191

Chloe Tharp                   141 142 283

Jillian White                     94 101 195

VS Match Total: 1755            Central DeWitt Match Total: 1915

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