As a mom, you learn quickly that you can't simply do one thing at a time. You learn that you have two hands for the sole purpose of juggling.

When I first became a mom, I had it together. I knew how this was supposed to be done. Until I fed the baby.

I'm not sure if the laundry consisted of more baby clothes and burp cloths as it did adult clothes that were out of the range of the burp cloths. Either way, there was a ton of laundry. I'm pretty sure that in the span of raising six children we probably went through half as many washing machines as we did cars.

With the first, you start to think, "This is a piece of cake! Let's add another!" So you do. You then find out that after you have added a second baby, the challenge is now diapers. Suddenly you not only have laundry but double diaper duty. And somehow the cleaning has become worse because of the said toddler.

Life becomes chaotic and in the midst, you have the crazy idea of adding a third baby. This forces you to potty train quickly because you cannot afford to have three in diapers. (no the toddler wasn't 4, she was about to turn 3) Suddenly you realize that with the arrival of a third you have now become outnumbered. But that's okay, you've got it under control.

The washing machine is humming. The steady stream of diapers arrives, are changed, and then the garbage is taken out. But now you realize you have the new task of explaining this big world to a three-year-old.

As the years pass, and I look back at that time, I remember one thing, it was a blur. I don't say that in a bad way, but when you add children to the mix suddenly your perspective of "busy" changes.

Sometimes I feel like I'm in that stage again. I had been doing just fine juggling all the little details that this job entails. Things that as a reader, you wouldn't notice. Making ads, scheduling them, proofreading, answering email, sending out email inquiries, taking care of the billing, organizing bills for delivery, keeping an ear to the ground for stories that need to be done, paying bills and balancing the checkbook, our annual fundraiser, working out specifics for how the old and new websites would work, asking for tech help when something doesn't work right, answering the phone for people with general questions about Vinton, and now I've taken on reporting. The things I used to do are taking a backseat. Until I need to take care of them, and then I see that I published a story that I hadn't finished writing thinking that I had completed my thoughts online only to see that...

I'm now in the crazy summertime, so I know that I'll be trying to remember where I'm supposed to be, getting the details, taking the pictures and hopefully when I get home I get through all the pictures and details that make a story.

It's always fun to see everyone at these events, just don't take it personally if I give you a look that says, "I know that I should know you, but can't for the life of me remember your name!" Seriously, you've all been awesome in all of this craziness.

Don't forget to let me know if you have any events going on in your circle that you need me to write about simply send in your press release about your events, or the date, time and place and I'll put something together for you!

Now I've GOT to get back to getting some ads made and bills delivered, gotta keep the lights on!

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Comments (2)

Thoughts on multitasking. My opinion is an age related thought. Yes, I can relate to three baby boys I had in diapers and proud so many things could get done. Forward 50 years - multitasking is for the young. In taking care of myself and spouse I find doing one thing at a time is healthy and freeing. Making breakfast I find turning back to table, turning to stove, turning to sink, etc. helps by turning back and forward is safer then keep turning in circles!
Taking a nap helps to quiet down body and brain to rethink issues. Finish a job rather do half, like taking an item into a room and put away instead of putting on a chair or table and do later. Itís okay to keep things simple and not multitask.
By: Polly Williams on July 2nd 9:04pm
You are doing a great job Val! Know some of the behind the scenes and that in itself a full time job! Keep up the good work!

-Aww thanks Mary!
By: Mary Robinson on July 2nd 9:09pm

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