In this crazy society that we now live in, I sometimes shake my head at the demands that women place on men.

No, not the ones to go get a job and be a traditionally manly man, but the weird ones like, "don't open the door for women" or "don't compliment a woman" or "don't let a woman go first" as if it's somehow degrading to women.

Hey, I'm the first to say I'm not tough. Now 30 years ago, I would have argued with you that I was. Now, not so much. As a matter of fact, I'm a wimp and I know it.

The other night while leaving a meeting, I didn't realize that there was a gentleman hurrying to open the door for me, and he apologized for not beating me to it. I am honestly not used to that, but it made me smile to know that there are still guys out there that think that's a good thing to do.

The other day at the grocery store while walking out, another gentleman motioned for me to exit the store first saying, "you go first, ma'am." Now I don't know about you ladies, but the little gestures like that make my day.

Last night while driving into town to cover a couple of events, I had forgotten that the wind had just blown, the house had been pounded by rain and that it could be an interesting trip to town. Sure enough a mile or so down the road a tree was blocking the road.

The guys that live in the country have to be men, well, they don't have to be but if they aren't it would help if they are married to a burly woman. I think I realized pretty quickly that living in the country isn't for wimps, and you read that I am one.

As this self-named wimp approached the top of one of the hills, I saw a pickup along the side of a road, and a tree laying across the road. One man was trying to pull the tree with his truck but the tires were just spinning in the mud. Another man outside and he consulted. Deciding that this wasn't going to work, I assume the pickup took off to get a real machine, something like a tractor to do the job. Meanwhile, the other man began tugging and pulling and breaking off branches to make a path so that I could get around the top of the tree.

A few minutes later I inched past and thanked him for the trouble. He grinned, waved and said, "It's never-ending out here!" He wasn't upset, he was just doing what the guys out here do...whatever needs to be done.

I am reminded of all the storms that seem to plague our area and of the kindness of our men to step up and lend a hand whenever it's needed. (I suppose if I don't mention the women that do this too, I'll hear about it, but I hope you understand what I mean.)

I'm not a fan of men getting in touch with their feminine side. I like to see guys being guys. I'm a Bruce Willis gal, or one that loves a show like Home Improvement where Tim Taylor at least tries to do the guy stuff.

Then again, maybe I just don't want to try to figure out how to wrestle a tree out of the road.

So thanks to this gentleman for helping to get this gal back into town, to do her job, one tree branch at a time!

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