It's been an interesting week.

The highlight was probably butting heads over Vinton's broadband project.

Not that I enjoy butting heads, but I DO enjoy discussing topics with people that I know I disagree with and I try really hard to understand them and hope they understand me.

I had a somewhat firm note telling me that I didn't write a "fair" article on the topic explaining the possible downside to Vinton putting in their own broadband/highspeed internet.

"The 'other guy' wrote an article in 'the old-fashioned way of reporting' that was better than yours and pointed out both sides." the guy explained in so many words.

I said, "You mean the article written in the old-fashioned way of reporting that had to have a correction run about it, that article?" I asked.

See, I didn't write a WORD about some guy that showed up in town with an agenda to discourage Vinton from proceeding with our own internet service. (the meeting was, however, live-streamed if you care to find it on our Facebook page, because well, I'm online only)

During the "Citizen's Input" time at a VMEU meeting, a guy that was not a citizen, stood up, a Chip Baltimore who works for an organization that travels around poo-pooing ideas like the one Vinton has about getting into the 21st century when the big guys won't help us. He told the VMEU board and actual citizens that if we put this project in, and NOBODY wants it, the city utility would have to eat the cost. Part of me wanted to raise my hand and say, "No duh!"

A bigger part of me wanted to say, "Have you ever TRIED to work in Vinton with a provider that can't get their act together? With one that promises the moon but won't show up to fix anything for a good week or so? No? Then sit down!"

Anyway, a guy that is part of the decision-making board in charge of deciding whether or not we should indeed do this, really, really wanted me to point out to you that it's a risk. There, I said it, it's a risk.

If you the residents won't subscribe, golly jeepers, it could be bad! The sky is falling! (exclamation point added so that you know I really, REALLY mean it!)

My argument was this. "I can't work in Vinton to bring Vinton Today TO Vinton on any of the "services" provided in Vinton, I need MEGA internet, you NEED this broadband!"

His reply to me was basically, "SEE I KNEW you were BIASED!"

But you know what? I had another call this morning.

"You know that story that we're working on with you? Our email is down. I called the company and as soon as they answered they said, 'If you're calling about email, it's down ALL OVER.' Can you stop in to pick up a copy of what we talked about?" they asked.

I chuckled and said, "Sure, I'll be happy to!"

Adding under my breath as SOON as I write an article!

Now for ME to operate this website with "high-speed internet" the satellite guys were called to put holes in my roof to mount an ugly dish on top. And THAT'S how Vinton Today gets to Vinton.

5 years ago a major internet/phone company promised that high speed internet was coming. After weekly calls complaining to the company about the "service" they finally got tired of the calls and told us the truth, that there really was NO PLAN to deliver it to my home.

Well, here's something else to chew on.

I will now finish up what I can here for today's daily email, but the people with MEDIA-not-COM-ing email service won't see it in their daily email today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next week.

Then I will drive 8.5 miles into town to pick up some papers to finish an ONLINE story, then drive back home 8.5 miles and re-type the necessary information because VINTON NEEDS IT'S OWN BROADBAND/HIGH SPEED INTERNET SERVICE.


I'm biased.

I don't care if you know it.

I think everyone in town that is depending on their MEDIA-not-COM-ing today to do their jobs is also biased.

I hear ya.

I'm not sure that the guy on the board in charge of getting you service is hearing ya though.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Vinton is content sending snail mail and making phone calls, and driving 17 miles to do something that should only involve a click of the mouse.

I really doubt it.

In the meantime, I'll keep you informed of the next VMEU meeting, oh WAIT, I have to also drive to City Hall to check the state-of-the-art bulletin board for notices about that, because the agendas for that is also is NOT online. Maybe it could be emailed, but not if the city has to use MEDIA-not-COM-ing.

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Comments (2)

In the interest of full disclosure, Mr. Baltimore represents the Taxpayer Protection Alliance, as he stated in his introduction at the VMEU meeting. The Taxpayer Protection Alliance is an advocacy front group that is part of the Koch political network. The Koch's connection to TPA was evident during their fight to stop municipalities from spending on installing fiber optic networks.
TPA attempted to prevent the city of Louisville from upgrading its fiber optic network by connecting to a statewide system. TPA argued that the Louisville upgrade plan was devised by Google to trick taxpayers into subsidizing its Google Fiber product. The Koch's bankrolled TPA's attacks which backfired and caused Louisville City Council members to support the proposal.
Iím not sure why David and Charles Koch are interested in sleepy little Vinton, Iowa. But, thanks for the input. We can manage on our own.

Editor's note: I knew ol' Chip was from some sort of group like that that normally I might agree with, but not on this issue. Thanks for the clarification!
By: Orville Sanders on May 3rd 5:40pm
I also think we need to move into the future.I think a lot of us are looking forward to something better because what we now have isn't good
By: Betty Fowler on May 3rd 7:43pm

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