Is there a problem on our Southern border with drugs, human trafficking, drug cartels, heroin, fentanyl, Criminals, and illegals invading our country? Damn right there is! Democrats and some Republicans chose to ignore the problem because of the outsider who won the election due to the votes of the forgotten men and women of the center of our country.

Decades of do nothing has led to this debacle. Now is the time to get off the “dime” and propose legislation dealing with these border problems?
I have proposed previously – perhaps a decade or more ago the following:
1. All non-citizens without a Visa or work permit must go to the nearest Federal Court House to be fingerprinted, identified and to receive necessary documents to legally find a job.
2. Background checks will then be started. Any unsavory, criminal elements unwilling to be identified will be located by ICE, and local law and deportation proceedings will proceed immediately.
3. There is to be a time certain period when the individual will begin a study to acquire Naturalization or if a clean record to renew work certification permits.
4. Any conviction of a felony during this “free” period will require the deportation of the individual.
5. E-Verify will be put in place in all of the many States by all businesses or Corporations that is in need of documented workers.
6. By law, all any so-called “sanctuary cities” or State laws will be revoked.
7. The ability to read, speak and understand the English language will be required before citizenship can be granted.
8. Satisfactory completion of Civics courses and a basic understanding of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States must be undertaken before any application for citizenship can be approved. Assimilation into the culture, government makeup and natural law of the United States will be required.
9. The borders both North and South will be secured by barriers, electronics and any other method deemed necessary by the Border Patrol and any other cooperating law enforcement agency.
a. Funding for border security will originate in the House of Representatives reviewed by the Senate in normal order and sent to the President for signature.
b. Other requirements may be necessary from time to time as conditions change.

It is time to reform the immigration laws and do something to protect the citizens of our Nation against the invaders! Do it! There is no excuse! If you care about our people and our Nation for God’s sakes do something.
John Stiegelmeyer

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This is exactly what needs to happen! For far too long, this can has been kicked down the road by the same people we elected to deal with these issues.
By: Gerald Bates on March 20th 2:06pm

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