I love Facebook memories.

Well, sorta-ish.

Today a memory popped up from Aunt Kathy's funeral which was a year ago today.

I had posted this:

'What's on my mind? My heart that is just bursting with pride with the awesome funeral we had today for an amazing little gal that was anything but little in her military career.
Thank You to...
...the Patriot Guard, they are beyond awesome!
... the Military guys and gals that were there today, loved having you ALL
...thanks to the Vinton Police Department for getting us all through town safely and quickly
...thanks to our military friend that performed the service, great job, exactly what we were looking for
...to our funeral director Frank, I have never seen someone pull out all the stops as much as you did for us today from the Air Force Decals on the hearse, the Air Force Casket, and especially the Air Force Vault, be still my heart (well, not too much, I'm just saying...) for contacting the Air Force and getting them to the cemetery, I am absolutely in awe, you made us and Kathy proud! I'm not sure how you convinced the bald eagle that stopped by at the gravesite service to show up right on time, but that was a good touch! (and yes I know he didn't really arrange the eagle, but it just seemed to know it should be there)
... our kids for taking care of the meal and sound
...and for Kathy for showing us how life should be done, you were an amazing gal, thank you for everything!"

I have to admit the whole idea of death seems to be pondered a lot more the older you get. 

When you start seeing people your age die or younger, you start to think of the reality, we aren't getting out of here alive!

Some of the most precious times that I had were the times we sat in San Antonio in her living room. I was as usual with my laptop working and her on the couch watching TV. Usually, after I was done working for the day, we'd sit and talk. She'd reminisce about her life, and her parents and cousins and life in the military and all of the dear friends that she had made throughout her career to Lt. Colonel.

She was one of those gals that didn't put up with a lot of garbage off of anyone, you read that she was a Lt. Colonel correct?

However, she was one of the most generous at the same time tight gals.

She had a good balance of life, and I have to admit, I miss most talking to her on the phone for an hour or two every week. 

She was one of those older ladies that I'd sit and listen to and just learn.

We'd usually sum up our conversations with a laugh at the time we had spent talking and with her complaining that her phone was going dead and that she needed to get a new one or that we had just settled all of the world's problems.

But always, we ended with an, "I love you." 

One of the sweetest things she said to me was on Mother's Day. She never married and never had any kids of her own. But she told me, "If I had a daughter, I would wish that she was just like you!" And honestly, when I lost my mom a few months before Kathy I too felt like I had lost another mom. 

It's been a rough year, but I think the things that I've done this year would have made her proud. 

At the same time, I'm glad she wasn't here to see it, it would have broken her heart.

She tried hard to live by the golden rule and follow the good book. The one thing she did was follow the verse from Proverbs 22:1 "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold."

She ended with both. Her good name and a bit of that silver and gold. But most of all, she finished right. 

Again, saluting you Kathy.

Thanks for the example you set for those around you.

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