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As I prepared to leave for tonight's City Council meeting I heard a bunch of rustling in my evergreen trees lining the front of my lawn just a few feet from my front door.

Now living out here alone makes one more aware of their surroundings.

I stopped in my tracks before closing the door and watched as half of the trees started to shake and thunder, something I've never seen before. I shifted my armload of belongings to one arm so that I could get my phone out to capture what I knew was happening.

Out from the trees came not just one or two, but six deer. The door had startled them and they took off across the driveway and stood watching as I quietly shut the door and spoke quietly to them, thinking that maybe I could become a deer whisperer.

All but one scampered off into hiding. One stayed behind to keep an eye on me. I kept talking to it assuring it that it was okay...for now...

Sliding to the car on the thick layer of ice, I again quietly shut the car doo and started the car, and still, the deer watched. As I continued to slide down the driveway I saw the deer inch out of the woods back toward the front yard just making sure that the coast was clear. I imagine the deer gave a whistle as my car headed to town, telling the others it the coast was clear.

Living in the country has been the most fascinating experience because of the wildlife. 

I grew up in town and had never seen deer up close, or wild turkeys or foxes or heard coyotes until I was lucky enough to live in the country.

When I arrived home and as I turned the car around at the top of the driveway, I saw some movement in my headlights.

As I turned the car, the lights skimmed the hill where the deer had disappeared earlier I saw a deer peeking out again and just watching me. 

I slowly turned the car around, quietly opened my door and got out. As I started the slippery walk to the door I heard movement behind me. I figured that the deer were heading back into the trees for the night. I glanced back to see one lone deer had edged to the clearing again, out of curiosity. 

I was being followed.  Not too closely, though, so I started talking to the deer again. 

The animal is a beauty.

As I reached the front door and turned to look, the deer had made it to the driveway and was curious to see what I'd do now. 

I quietly opened the door and went it, so I wouldn't startle it away.

Sure I could get a dog for a pet, but that means I'd have to lug 50 lb. bags of food home, get a water bowl, get attached to the thing and at some point, well, I'd probably outlive it. and I'm not up for that. 

Deer however, I'm fine having a herd of them in my front yard munching on my trees. 

It took me a while to figure out why the walk was lined in green bits from my trees, I thought the wind had just blown then there, but now I'm figuring it out. The deer are messy eaters and that's why the bits had blown there. 

So to my friends in the timber, 'night deer!

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