The latest anonymous piece published in the NY Times does not warrant the ink necessary to print.  Your paper would not publish any opinion piece written by me if I stipulated that my name not be attached.  Only a coward would write a critical piece and withhold his signature.

I have read the article -- so what – he has a temper – he gets frustrated – things don’t go as fast as he would like  -- he changes his mind.

While I was working as a Captain for a major airline I was trusted to be a check airman/ line instructor.

A high grade was given to my students if they continued to update information and change a previous decision based on the new data.  Plunging ahead with a decision based on old data would not result in a good grade by me.

If you hated President Trump before you still hate --- if you see good in what he has accomplished so far – more than any President before – you still look forward.

I still believe he has the best interests of the American people in mind.

John Stiegelmeyer

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