Lyle Arthur Fowler II was sentenced on the latest charges filed against him in Benton County as a result of the September 7, 2018 shooting incident in which Fowler was arrested after firing several shots in the direction of Vinton Officers Ben Parmater and Katlyn Schimerowski.

The officers were responding to a request for a welfare check of Fowler who lived at 705 C Ave. in Vinton just before 8:00 p.m. that Friday evening. 

Documents show that Fowler exited his home and shot a firearm toward Parmater and Schimerowski who then returned fire. No one was injured in the incident. 

Fowler faced Class D felony charges which included two counts each of: Interference with official acts involving firearms, assault on a peace officer using a deadly weapon and going armed with intent.

In the incident above, it was stated that Fowler told officers that he did not intend to harm the two officers, but was attempting to cause them to shoot him.

This event followed an earlier incident in February 2018 where two criminal complaints were filed against Fowler for Dissemination and Exhibition of Obscene Material to Minors (Two Counts) Serious Misdemeanor, section 728.2 of the Code of Iowa. Fowler was then arrested on a warrant and booked into the Benton County Jail and later released from custody after posting bond in April 2018.

In the latest charges concerning Fowler, he has been found guilty of Count II, the Class D felony offence of Assault on Persons Engaged in Certain Occupations, in violation of Iowa Code Section 798.1 and 708.3A(2) and Count IV, Interference with Official Acts, in violation of Iowa Code Sections 719.1(1)(a) and 719.1(1)(f).

Fowler was committed to the custody of the Iowa Department of Corrections for an indeterminate term not to exceed 5 years for each count. He will serve a minimum of 5 years on Count II with the sentences running consecutively. After being transferred back to the county jail, he will be sent on to the Iowa Medical and Classification Center at Oakdale, Iowa.

Fowler's term of incarceration could be reduced because of good conduct, work credits, and program credits according to Iowa Code section 903A.2 and could be released on parole before completing the full sentence. 

Fowler was also ordered to submit a DNA profile according to Iowa Code Section 901.5(8A), and to pay a fine of $750 for each count with payment suspended.

According to documents, "the sentencing was issued because of the defendant's age, employment, military background, family circumstances, lack of a prior record, the facts and circumstances of this offense, the contents and recommendation of the Presentence Investigation and the belief that this sentence will provide the greatest benefit to the Defendant and the community" while recognizing the need for consecutive sentences "because of the danger the Defendant presented to the community and to law enforcement by using a firearm during the commission of this offense."

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