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Virginia Gay Hospital is pleased to announce the addition of David Lane, PA-C as an Emergency Room/Hospitalists. David recently completed a residency in emergency medicine at the University of Iowa. He joins Matt Wilden, Tammy Madsen, Trevor Nelson, and Jill Reese as a member of the emergency medical care team caring for patients treated in the emergency department. As is true for the other staff members, he will also see patients admitted to the hospital for treatment or observation.

I enjoy working with Matt Wilden. He has been just a great person for me to connect with, and I already feel like weve been friends for a long time. Hes been so helpful, and hes not only a great guy, but hes extremely able and extremely humble. The nurses have a tremendous work ethic, and Im impressed with how much they care about their patients. They even checked up on me with nurses at the university before I was hired. Thats how much the staff here cares about making sure their patients have the right people working with them.

Lane is an Alabama native who began his medical career as a nurse with a degree from Auburn University. He later chose to continue his education and earn a degree as a physicians assistant from South College in Knoxville, TN. His resume also includes military service with the United States Navy.

Davids family includes his wife, Jamie, and six-year-old daughter Madelyn. Madelyn is a wonderful kid who is kind, sweet, and a very warm person, says David. I wish I could take credit for that, but its much more a reflection of Jamie than of me. The Lane family has settled in North Liberty. As David explains, Weve moved my daughter four times in her six years. My wife has moved five times as Ive gone through my career. Jamie and Madelyn got settled and made friends in North Liberty, and as Madelyn has gotten older, the moves are more difficult for her. We feel that its just time to settle down and stop moving.

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