Construction crews are busy building the iVinton fiber network to deliver internet, phone and TV services. Many residents have already indicated their desire to have a site survey of their home or business to become Fiber Ready. Being Fiber Ready does not require purchasing services, but it will make it much easier to do so when you are ready!

Because of the volume of interest, it is recommended to contact Krystal at Patriot Communications to schedule your site survey. The site survey is NO COST to you.

Appointments are scheduled for a time that works best for you and takes only 30-45 minutes of your time. Patriot Communications will explain the process to you in further detail and answer any questions when you schedule your appointment! But to take that next step, you need to call! Schedule your appointment today!

If you do not request a site survey and allow installation of a duct, you might not be able to request a fiber service line during the construction phase in the summer and fall of 2019. Waiting until after construction personnel has moved past your home or business to become Fiber Ready may result in delays and an installation fee.

Visit the iVinton website for more details and an FAQ section.

Donít wait! Take the next step and call Krystal with Patriot Communications at (319) 899-6008 to schedule a NO COST Site Survey for your home or business today.

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