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Have you called Krystal at Patriot Communications? If not, pick up the phone right now and call (319) 899-6008 to schedule a NO COST Site Survey for your home today.

Appointments are scheduled for a time that works best for you and take only 30-45 minutes of your time. Patriot Communications will explain the process to you in further detail and answer any questions when you schedule your appointment! But to take that next step, you need to call! Schedule your appointment today!

Originally, our plan was to have Patriot reach out to each person individually, however, the response from the community was so overwhelming more than double what we expected we had to change tactics a little. That is why we are asking you to call Krystal directly and schedule your appointment. By taking this simple step you can get on the schedule and ensure you are ready for new iVinton Internet, TV, and Phone as soon as it is available.

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