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There are two places that you can go to enjoy a step back in time.

The Sherman Building

Cindy Elwick has been busy borrowing a large collection of past and present scrapbooks from Vinton social clubs, service clubs, and other organizations, some back as far as 1890.

The collection is available to be seen at the Governor Sherman Building during the Sesquicentennial week starting Saturday (maybe not Monday unless somebody would like to volunteer to oversee the collection for a few hours).

While in the area be sure to slip across 3rd street to Johnís Tire to see Johnís interesting collection of Vinton memorabilia.

On exhibit you will see Governor Sherman's chair, and multiple scrapbooks as well as a book of notes from the Masonic Lodge dating back to the 1800's.

If you love history, plan to stop when you have a lot of time to enjoy.

The Governor Sherman Building is located to the west side of the Courthouse.

The second place is John's Tire which is located north of the Sherman building, across 3rd street. Johnís has brought out an interesting collection of Vinton memorabilia to share with the town.

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