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On Thursday morning a group of area children visited the Community Youth Gardens on the north end of Vinton. Children from the school as well as Happy Time children took a field trip to the gardens ending the tour with a slice of watermelon grown in the garden.

Created following the flooding in Vinton in the area along the river, the gardens have been the site of learning gardening skills and rewards of the effort of area children. Teaching children to garden has been a passion of Martha Neuzil for almost the last 10 years. 

Greg Walston of the Iowa State Extension arranged the field trips and asked Will McKenna to give the children a tour. Will was the star this morning as he gave the tour of the gardens to children a bit older and much younger than he. Explaining to the children present the number of each plant that was being grown, uses for some of the spices growing, explaining how some of the things growing were finished producing for the season as well as what was ready to pick now. 

As the children toured the gardens many were enthralled as they watched 4-year-old Tucker Siela dig potatoes out of the garden cheering as the potatoes appeared.

As Martha visited with me about the gardens she explained the need for a much larger storage shed for the gardens to store her equipment.  (if you can help her with that, contact Greg Walston at the Extension office.) Martha's heart is dedicated to educating children about how to garden. The garden also grows popcorn and in February Martha has the children come to her house to pop some and they have a popcorn party.

To see photos from this morning, click here.

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