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Garrison Fun Days were held on Saturday starting out with fun for the children and running throughout the day. There were multiple activities for children to participate in at the Garrison Fire Station. Some just for fun and some were serious

The Benton County Sheriff's Office was there to offer ID's for children complete with their height, weight, and fingerprints. Alongside this, the ECI REC gave talks to kids about safety and electricity also bringing along their model for the children to see.

There was fire safety, teaching kids to stop, drop and roll, Virginia Gay Hospital's Robin Martin was there to talk to the children as well as the Garrison Fire Department to let the children try on the fire fighting gear and put out a house "fire" in a simulator board.

Children could also pet some farm animals or run through an obstacle course.

The day held bike rides, and waterball fights as well as a car show. The highlight was probably the concert with Adam Keith at the Hitchin' Post.

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Video of Adam Keith

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