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A bit of entertainment with Tim Stolba on the courthouse lawn entertaining the children


Before the rush began the employees of Farmers Savings bank had a few minutes to get ready for the hundreds that would stop for their free hot dog, chips and beverage.


The Farmers Market is always a hit at this event.


Party in the Park is the highlight of Vinton living. When the activities begin on Thursday evening with a free meal at the local bank, followed by free entertainment for the kids after the annual Kiddie Parade, you realize this is small town living at its best. The activities provided at the park for the next two days again were provided by volunteers so that kids of all ages could have fun. Whether it was the children simply playing on the playground equipment to the petting zoo or the bouncy houses available, it was a time for the kids to have fun and the parents and grandparents to sit back and enjoy.

The guys inside the Lions Club trailer getting ready to provide the funnel cakes and other goodies!


Where can you find this kind of caring for one another or the camaraderie between businesses and citizens alike to make an event so wonderful for everyone to enjoy? 

The countless manhours that go into an event like this will never be known, but you can sure that it ran into the thousands!

To say, "thank you" for any one thing reminds you that you will forget something as equally important.

For those of you that gave of your time, your resources, your energy and creativity, thank you from all of us for using your gifts to entertain the rest of us this weekend.