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On Tuesday, May 21, 2019 , the Eastern Iowa Honor Flight will launch EIHF Flight #36.

Since we began operations in 2009, to date, we have transported 3,053 Veterans, plus their guardians to Washington, DC to visit the memorials dedicated to their service and sacrifice. While there, they will visit the WWII, Korean, Vietnam memorials, as well as visit Arlington National Cemetery, and other memorials.

There are 92 Veterans on this flight.




Veterans will begin reporting to the Eastern Iowa Airport at 5:45 AM on flight day with an estimated departure time of 7:15 AM. Estimated return time to Cedar Rapids (barring any delays) is 8:45 PM. We invite the community to come out and welcome home our Veterans.

Parking is free.

We advise people to come early as the lots fill up pretty quickly. You can park in either long or short term lots. When you come into the terminal, please stop by and pick up your free parking pass. When you leave that night, give both that ticket, and the one you got when you pulled into the lot, to the personnel at the exit (looked for the marked Honor Flight lane), and you are good to go. Many of our Veterans never received a thank you, welcome home when they returned from their service.

Here is your chance to make up for that. We hope to see a large crowd at the Airport on Tuesday evening, May 21.

The Eastern Iowa Honor Flight is a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization staffed entirely by volunteers dedicated to honor and pay tribute to WWII, Korean, Vietnam Era and other Veterans. For questions about the Eastern Iowa Honor Flight, please contact:


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