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Benton County is in good hands for the foreseeable future. Today members of Atkins Fire & First RespondersBlairstown, Iowa - Fire DepartmentNorway Fire DepartmentCanton-Benton-Shellsburg Volunteer Fire Department, Cedar-Mt Auburn, Newhall Fire DepartmentVan Horne Fire Department, and Vinton that are just finishing their Firefighter I class had a chance to go to Kirkwood's Fire Training Facility and practice skills learned since starting class in November.

The students were able to advance a hose line to the second story in order to enter a burning room to practice various hose spray patterns and experience the effects of heat, flame and steam on the human body. They then got to enter a kitchen to fight a burning stove with rollover on the ceiling. Following was practicing how to approach a car fire correctly and safely, use tools to open the hood and extinguish the fire. The day finished with using two hoses to approach and extinguish burning propane tanks, using handheld fire extinguishers to fight burning liquids and also burning pallets. A long and tiring day but priceless experience and lessons gained.

We are proud of our own member that were able to participate as a culmination of their FFI class: Ross Hanson, Colin Mansager, Travis McAtee and Ben Wood. A special thanks to Jeremy Hlas and Patricia Betz for serving as instructors in Benton County and getting our new members off to a great start.

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