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Pictured: Left, Jeremy Wheeler Sr. who drove the Pink Heals firetruck out for his first time on Saturday. Joining him was his son pictured on the right, Jeremy Wheeler Jr. Center is Jay Elvers.

"There's a lot of pride in driving this, it's not just about driving a firetruck" said Jeremy Wheeler Sr. "I'm glad I was able to help out today, the chance to drive this is worth a million bucks!"

Pink Heals is one of those groups that work quietly behind the scenes in the area.

The Pink Heals fire truck and car, made a trip on Saturday to the Rowley Fire Department pork chop supper. The two vehicles were outside for residents of the town to enjoy before or after their meal.

The group set up a display that Pink Heals making t-shirts and sweatshirts with the Pink Heals logo available as a way to sponsor the program. The group also put together a video montage of the various stops the truck has made. The faces of those that they've visited light up with a smile, and that's why they do what they do.

Pink Heals is encouraging one cancer victim at a time to keep fighting. They bring a moment of encouragement and surprise to those struck by the diagnosis.

The efforts of Pink Heals hasn't gone unnoticed in the community. From those of us that see the pink truck and know that it's on a mission to help others to the little children that are mesmerized by the "pink fire truck" we all say thank you for what you are doing.

If you see them in the area let them know that you appreciate the effort.

Don't forget that they have t-shirts and sweatshirts available or you can give them a donation to help in their efforts.